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Inexpensive Ways to Exercise

Ways to Recession-Proof Your Fitness

I was not pleased when my gym membership fee increased. As if it's not already expensive enough! If you can't afford monthly gym costs, here are some tips for working out on a budget.

  • Stairs are free. Take them when you can.
  • Thera-bands cost under $10 and they're a great option for resistance training.
  • Rent exercise DVDs from Netflix, or buy them. Have a few on hand for cardio, strength training, and stretching so you can get a well-rounded workout for not much dough.
  • Get an exercise ball for around $20. If you're not sure how to use it, check out these exercises that will strengthen and stretch all the muscles in your body.

Interested in learning more ways to exercise inexpensively? Then


  • Get an all-in-one exercise system. I like GoFit Ultimate ProGym because it offers a wide range of training options.
  • A jump rope is under $6 and allows you to get your heart rate up anywhere. You can even pack it in your suitcase when traveling.
  • Buy a pair of last year's model of sneakers on sale, and walk or run in your neighborhood.
  • Start a community walking group, or a mommy stroller group. Not only is it free, but it's a great way to get you motivated to exercise regularly.
  • Most parks are free, so try doing pull-ups on the monkey bars, or dips using a picnic table. Or visit a nature park with trails. Trekking up the hills is a great cardio workout, and also tones your butt and thighs.
  • You can check out the strength training and cardio workout we created here on FitSugar. Here are a bunch of printable workouts to try at your convenience.


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