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Intervals to Lose the Last 5 Pounds

A Reader Shares How She Lost the Stubborn Last 5 Pounds

FitSugar reader spacekatgal shared this inspiring story of how she dropped those last five pounds during her weight-loss journey. She posted her tip in the RunningSugar community group.

Hey everybody. I realize this doesn't fall under, "Overshare," but I used to be amazingly overweight — 268 pounds, in fact. It's been a long time, like eight years, but there's still residual damage to my body — a really stubborn last 5 pounds.

I had tried absolutely everything to lose it. I have starved myself, I've upped my mileage, I've worked out to the point of exhaustion. I have added tennis and biking onto the end of my workout. Nothing. It took a random bout with food poisoning to teach me what I was doing wrong.

You see, because I used to be overweight, I had a ton of fear in me about my daily run. I never miss it, unless I am so sick I physically cannot complete. Fear is what keeps me skinny, and fear caused me to do the same workout every day — seven miles for an hour at seven miles-per-hour.

Find out which workout helped her lose the last five pounds after the break!

This time, the bout with food poisoning was so severe, I had to start from running basics, interval training to build back up for my usual time. What I found was, a lower-calorie workout at intensity intervals that really push me is actually better for losing weight. And I'm not talking slight variations, I mean alternating between "OMG, I'm going to die," and "Just 5 minutes to recover? Pant, pant." Some days I up the intensity with incline, others with speed. And now that it's nicer weather, I'm going to skip the run every once in a while and really hit tennis and biking, just to keep my body guessing.

I'm also keeping on the willpower to eat better. I'm quite guilty of eating whatever I want because I run so much, but for the Summer I'm being a lot more mindful of my indulgences. It doesn't matter what the calorie count is as much as eating only things that are good for my body.

Anyway, that's the trick that worked for me! Hope it's helpful for someone else, too!

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