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Jackie Warner's Prescription For a Killer Beach Body!

It's no secret that fitness guru Jackie Warner knows a thing or two about prepping for the beach. From diet tips to jump squats, Jackie shared some great advice with us for staying in shape all Summer long at her evian Live Young, Get Fit! event. Watch the video to learn if that glass of wine with dinner is interfering with your hard work to keep trim.

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I'm here today at Grove with celebrity trainer Jackie Warner who is leading a fitness challenge. And today, she's gonna let us in on some secrets on how to stay in bikini shape all summer long. Hi. Hey, Jackie. Thank you for having me. You know, a lot of people cram getting into shape for the summer months but it's hard to keep that going so what are some of your tips for actually staying in shape? One, just changing up your music every single week, getting something that excites your brain, tricks your brain into wanting to work out, that's number one. Number two is to always create a journal for yourself, a workout plan. So, I keep a little book like even to this day after years and years of training. Yeah. I get excited and I'll write my program for the following week in my book and then I go and I have a new plan every day that I can follow. And that's really key, is just to have a plan. I love that. I love it. So what are your like, two to three top moves to stay in bikini shape? I would say a nice deep squat with weight. And women, I want you to grab 15 pound weights really do it. And then follow that with jump squats. So you're not done, so as soon as you feel like, "Oh my gosh I can't lift myself up again", you go into jump squats and just do about ten of those then you get down and do your push-ups, and you should go nice and low and do military style push-ups that's not on your knees. That's regular style. Do push ups and then you're not done. I want you to go right into like a drop. I call it a plank where you're in a plank position and you literally twist your body and drop your knee to the ground and you alternate so you're still holding that plank position. You're a hardcore, Jackie. I know but I like it. That's pretty hardcore, but I love it. What are some of your healthy eating tips for summer? You have to know your own lifestyle. If you like to go out with your friends, if you can only hold out for five days without having a hamburger and fries, then that is you. Right. So the key to eat clean for five days and then allow yourself a treat meal on the sixth day and a treat meal on the seventh day, but again, plan it. one thing to keep in mind for staying in bikini shape during the summer, what would you, what would you say? It is 75 to 80% about diet. It's really just decreasing your alcohol. If you're used to having two glasses of wine, cut it down to one. Getting rid of anything white. So no white flowers, no white rices. That means your sushi need to do brown rice or just soy paper, no rice and getting rid of like processed crackers. Right. And processed foods. Right. Go to an organic diet wherever possible, especially with your dairy and your meat. Yeah, and hydrate, right? And hydrate. Thanks so much Jackie. Thank you for having me. We'll see you next time on FitSugar TV.

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