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Jackie Warner Workout

Jackie Warner's Calorie-Blasting Power Pyramid Workout

Work your entire body, pyramid-style, with celeb trainer Jackie Warner in just 10 minutes. Each time-saving exercise combines two moves, making the workout efficient and effective. To build strength and torch calories, you'll work your muscles to exhaustion. Grab some dumbbells, and get ready to work out with Jackie.

Looking for more? Tone your upper body in 10 minutes with this workout for sexy sculpted arms, and then stretch out and cool down for 10 minutes with ouryoga flow workout. Put all three videos together for a 30-minute full-body workout!

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We are so excited to have celebrity trainer Jackie Warner in studio with us today to share an exclusive full-body workout she created for FitSugar TV, inspired by her DVD, 30 Day Fast Start. So grab a set of 308-pound dumbbells, depending on your level, and let's do this. Alright, let's do it. Hey guys, I'm here with Dee and Heather, and I'm going to show you a quick take of the Power Pyramid. Now what we're going to do is we're not going to work up to ten of that Pyramid, we're going to work up to five, is that okay with you guys? Okay, yeah. They're like great, that's really good news. I know we're very excited. So it works like this, you do one repetition of this exercise and then one repetition, and then two, two, three, three. So, we work up that pyramid up to five, and that's when you should really start feeling the burn. So, we're going to start with working a chest, so down on the ground. Perfect, perfect. I might not be doing some modifications, because I'm pregnant, but follow along with Jackie and Heather. Okay, yeah. Dee, actually I would like you to just work on your chest. Perfect. And we'll do our biceps. How's that? Alright. Okay, so what you do, you ready? We're going to do our one repetition just going to go into a press, then come up in a sit up and go right into a curl, and then bounce, press, and then two repetitions, right into two curls. So, one, two, brain surgery right? See that's what they call me the smart fitness expert, but they come with these very intelligent programs. Actually, like I said, keep the number on four, two three, four. Is that this training was the most personal for me. Two, three, four because I was having that plateau like I told you guys, two, we're going to five, four, and five. Is it okay that I'm actually a little out of breath? What's up? And three, four, five. Alright, now we're going to move into our second one another chest fly. So I want you to do your fly towards your chest, her pectorals are going to be bulging after this Okay. And then I want you to do. We're going to do a hammer curl. So let your knuckles off to the side. And it's working the bicep a little differently and that's what we're going to work on then. Okay. Okay? So let's go to a chest fly like our arms almost straight, and just meet in the middle, squeeze, come up right into our hammer curl, that's one, and one, two, and I like to keep it slow and concentrated. You really want to connect with that muscle. You know, the mind muscle connection is key. We're on three. Good, two and one, and one, two. So you start to feel a little bit? Yeah. Good. We're doing the cardio burn. It's happening. Okay, we're on four, two, three and squeeze in the middle. Alright and four biceps. Good, two, three, four. Okay last pyramid, ready? And one, two, three. You should be feeling this burn right here. Good, and up. And one, two two, three, four, five. Good, that was a really good and thorough chest and bicep workout. That's going up the pyramid. OK, guys, now we're going to focus on the back and the tricep area that, by the way, women, how many questions do I get about how do I firm up my arms this is the way to do it. In fact you want always work on the back because it gives you that beautiful detail and the illusion of a waistline. so you don't want to shortchange that. Okay, let's go to a wide row. So up and right into a kickback. Got it? Okay let's do two, so one two and then kick it back for two. And the one, two 3, and back. And really squeeze your shoulder blades together. 3. We're on 4. 1, you should be feeling it, right now. three, four, and kick it back. Four, three, two, one, and last one, two three, four, five, and kick it back for two, three, four five, good. Okay, so shake it out a little bit. Now we're going to go to a closed row, so we're kind of working the inner laps on this one. And this is come up right, close row and we're going to stand up and do one of my favorites which is called a head bang. You put the weights together and you just bring them up over your head. ok ready? Ok lets do this, so bend down and it's one, come up and one, good, down One, two, up, and one, two. Okay, now I've got the hang of it. One two, I forgot my own DVD. Crime, crime. One, two, three. Okay, we're on four. Good flipping, you're having fun right? Yeah. so retaining is so important to women. Keep the metabolism burning even faster than cardio right, longer afterwards? Oh my gosh big time. Yeah. strenght training, two, three and I'm going tell you why in one second, let me get through this, five and one, good we're almost there. Stay with us at home, three four, five. Perfect. Strength training is the only way that you can actually change the genes that you were born with. So, for instance, cardiovascular it's definitely good for heart health, and you will lose weight when you're just doing cardiovascular workouts, but you're not going to change your body shape You've got to do strength training. And by the way, what we're doing right here, everyone, is very cardiovascular, because we're moving through these motions and this is high repetition. We're going up that ladder when we fly. Okay, so there you go. Okay, now we're moving on to everybody's favorite. That is glut or butt, right? which is the back of the leg and my favorite and that's shoulders. I can do shoulders you guys, for hours. I love working my shoulders! Thank you. That's what we're going to do. We're going to do shoulders for approximately three hours. Okay, so, let's move into a squat and we're going to go into a front raise. So, squat is simply a little more than shoulder width apart on the stance and you want to squat down nice and low, get that booty close to the ground, you can modify it, chest out, shoulders back, shoulders back in, come up and then right into a front raise. OK, you got it? We're going to move onto two repetitions. So, one, two and then two up. One, two, good. And three, two. Sorry, jumped backwards. One, stay with me. Come on. One, what are you doing? Two, my crazy counting, three. Okay, and 1, 2, 3, 4, and bring it up. 1, 2, I know you're feeling this. That's the big muscle groups. Love it! Love how we're working on the core muscles. 4, good. And lots, 5. four, three. two, one, and bring it up for one, two, three four, five, okay let's focus on the back of leg on the hamstrings, which is the primary muscle group that's why your heart rate is going up and your feeling it. Oh, yeah. Your heart is pumping right So, this is a little closer than shoulder width apart, and what we're going to do is we're going to do a [xx] on top of it. So, you just come down kicking your back up slightly arch down under your knee and then come up into a lateral raise, good, one. Let's do two of these, one two and one. Two good we got it. One two come up all the way. That's 3. And 1, 2 - I've got an eye on you - 3. And 1, 2, 3. four, and now four raises. One, two, three, four. Okay, last five. One, two, three, four, five and one, two three four, five. Good, perfect, you got through it, that was good. So glutes, hamstrings, lateral, raise, and shoulder workouts. Okay now I'm going to give you guys a couple of bonus exercises. Now, this is something I've picked up from my rapping days but this is actually, it's called UFC and I've used it many times and it's fantastic. You get into a squat position. Vee, I want you to just squat. Perfect. And if you're beginning can't drop to your knee, and I just want you to get a nice deep squat. [xx] Okay, but let's try to do this at home, challenge yourself. So you get into a squat position, you drop to one knee drop to the other knee and then you simply come up, up. We're going to do five, so we're already on two, good, lets get three done. and three. And stay in that hawk[sp?] position. Don't come up all the way. That's the whole key. And then five, come up. I can do fifty of those! I could do 30 of those, I'm not even sweating. I'm just kidding guys. Okay now, lets keep this same sort of flow and do what I love you which is a drop plank, which is a challenging plank. Okay. So let's get down on the ground and you can do this Ze. Yeah. So let's do this plank position. Okay, so get into a plank keep your back nice and straight, and we're simply going to drop, drop, come up, come up. That's one. We're down for two [xx] You can always drop to your knees right? Yeah you can but not on my watch. Good job. Good. You already did five. Again. What's going on right now. You know what's going on? I got an injury, and I haven't worked out, this is the first time I've worked out in two weeks, and I'm obviously so excited about this. I'm like, lets do 10, 15 repetitions Thank you guys for that. Thank you for coming out to FabSugar TV. I want you to remember whether you're doing a home workout or a gym workout, the three F's of fitness. And that is performing the right function, which we did today, with perfect form which we today to complete fatigue that muscle failure which those high reps allow you to do because that's how you get the most tone and the most burn simultaneously. Exactly that's how you are going to change your body, not just through cardio alone. True great and so you have a new book coming out. I do. I'm so excited about this book. It's "Ten Pounds in Ten Days" and let me tell you it works. It's what I use with my celebrities to get them red carpet ready. It's very effective. long term lasting. So pick up the book and keep watching Fit Sugar TV. We'll see you next time. Bye, everybody. Bye.

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