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Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Training

How Jennifer Lawrence Transformed Into Katniss Everdeen

Jennifer Lawrence had six weeks to prepare for her role in The Hunger Games. Learn how the actress trained to make her transformation into Katniss Everdeen complete.

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Hunger Games is sure to be one of the physically intense movie of the year. So we caught up with condition coach, Dr. Joe Horrigan who trained Jennifer Lawrence to get her into warrior shape. He tells us how she trains for the fight of her life, the diet plan she followed, and how she discovered her love of skipping. Thanks, Susie. I'm here with Dr. Joe Horrigan who trained Jennifer Lawrence on the Hunger Games. Dr. Joe, thanks for joining us. Pleasure to be here. So how much time did you have to get her a read and ready. We only had six weeks so it was a very intense program. We'd have warmups, track drills, agility drills, medicine ball, work sprints and then she'd have stationary bike rides and stunt people trained her. On how to climb trees, and climb rocks, and jump over logs. She also had archery workouts. So, would you say Jennifer was a natural when it came to archery? She picked it up very well, and to be a lead archer would take another year or two, but that's a whole another ball game. She might have that time.She may very well become an honorary archer, and sometimes we use old-fashioned skipping. She took off and came back, and she had an ear to ear grin on her face. She says, "How could I not be happy skipping?" So, I know Jennifer had to perfect her run for the big screen, can you tell us a little bit about that? She was already in good shape. She turned one day after a sprint and said, "That was right. I got it." And I said, "Yes, you did." The diet is a huge part of training so what kind of nutritional program did you suggest for Jennifer? We called in our nutritionist. We used Dr. Doug Anderson. He found out food she would like. Some of her diet information was a little misinformed and she'd been on the high protein diets in the past and didn't feel very well. So she had a little bit more reasonable program, a little bit more carbohydrate, and then portion control. It was evidence based sound nutrition. Dr. Joe, thank you so much for joining us, and we'll see you next time on FitSugar TV.

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