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Jessica Biel Hits the Track and so Should YOU!

Jessica Biel works out and she works out hard but it definitely pays off.

Want to hit the track to start training for your title as sexiest woman alive but have no idea what to do then,

Go to a track and run a lap (400m) at a high intensity for your skill level -- say 2 minutes for one lap. Then rest for 90 seconds and go at it again.

This time, try to keep the same time (2 minutes or better) for your sprint, but use more intensity. Repeat 8 times (about 1.5 miles). Each time you go around try and keep the same time or better (as your original lap) but increase the intensity.

Be sure to warm up before you start running and to stretch after. If you don't typically run (or do any kind of cardio training) you may want to start with longer distances (at a slow pace) for a few weeks rather than jumping right into sprint training.

Fit's Tip: Scope out a local track for when it is open to the public. Also, some gyms have indoor tracks as well but a lap may be a shorter distance so go around twice or do more reps. Running on the track is a great way to switch up your workout.


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Join The Conversation
tati33 tati33 8 years
I can speed walk..or walk fast anyway..any suggestions?
tati33 tati33 8 years
I wish I could hit the track. But I have shortness of breath easily. I wonder if it's a combo of not being fit enough & my mild asthma :(
NNPW NNPW 9 years
hahah, I LOVE that cosby episode. its so funny
Fitness Fitness 9 years
Great question amybdk! Lets say you run the first lap at a high intensity for you. I use a scale of 1-10, in terms of how much effort is being put forth. So for the first lap, it takes you 2 minutes and you would give your intensity a 7. Then for the next lap you should do it in 2 minutes again, but this time going at about a 7.5 (in terms of intensity). This means that for each lap, you push your self a little harder than the lap prior... I am always happy to answer any questions you guys have, so keep them coming!
amybdk amybdk 9 years
I'd like to vary my road running and give this a try! One question though - How do you "keep the same time or better (as your original lap) but increase the intensity"?
orangeflower orangeflower 9 years
Sprinting is a great workout. You feel so strong and fit after this kind of workout. It's good to get to a track or a field and have some cones with you to mark out distances. You can do intervals of sprinting, karaoke-ing (sorry about the spelling), knee-ups, skipping, backwards running (which is what Jess looks like she's doing), side shuffles, etc. All do a body good.
djgirlbailey djgirlbailey 9 years
I recently just started running at the track & love it! It seems to be easier on the feet than the street or sidewalk!! It should, right?!! It helps to have music though (don't forget your ipod or mp3 player!). I do know about Cliff on Cosby's also!!! Great Show!!
DStirk DStirk 9 years
i love running at the track... makes me feel like cliff huxtabul (sp?) from the cosby show where he ran a relay... anyone know which episode i am talking about?
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