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Jewel Covers Shape Magazine: I Was a Chubby Renee Zellwegger

Jewel Covers Shape: "I Was Labeled the 'Chubby Renée Zellweger'"

Singer/songwriter Jewel has the Summer nautical look down on this month's cover of Shape — she also looks incredibly healthy and fit! In the issue, the musical star, 35, shares her go-to ab routine and confesses that she also works out to fitness DVDs. After dealing with years of media scrutiny and self-medicating herself with food, Jewel finally got control of her life and learned to live happily and healthily. Here are the highlights:

  • On body acceptance: "I've always had to strive for balance when it comes to my health . . . One thing I've figured out over the years is, the happier I am, the better my body feels."
  • On rejecting standards of beauty: "I had to remind myself that standards of beauty are very fickle. One minute J. Lo's body is considered beautiful, and the next everyone wants to look like Kate Moss. I'm all for people wanting to feel more confident, but altering your body to fit a current trend is serious stuff."

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  • On why she doesn't diet: "I try to stay away from an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to food. It's like a pendulum. The more extreme I am — like saying, 'I'm not going to eat any carbs' — the further it's going to swing to the other side and I'm going to binge."
  • On her eating habits: ". . . A lot of raw vegetables or bitter greens, like kale and dandelion greens, lightly sautéed in olive oil. People are so fat-phobic these days, but eating good fats is important, which is why I always try to get some olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado into whatever I'm making."
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