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Junk Food for Kids is Junk

There has been a promising trend among health professionals to start focusing on younger America in the current ongoing battle against obesity.

The Biggest Loser recently had a special about high school aged kids and what they're eating at school. The kids ate mostly pizza, fries and a drink called the red stuff. When asked what veggies the kids ate, the lunch lady replied, "tater tots." WTF? It's no wonder childhood obesity is on the rise.

Why do they allow this type of nutritional atrocities to happen in our schools? Why can't the lunch lady offer our kids real veggies like broccoli and carrots? It turns out the lunchroom is figuring out what big business already knows: among teens, pizza and fries sell, salads and veggies don't.

When did it become cool to eat junk food? Health officials are now working at taking the cool out of junk food (just like it has tried to do with smoking).

Want to know how? Then

The December issue of Pediatrics reported that:

Advertising represents 'big business' in the United States and can have a significant effect on young people. Advertisements can be restricted or even banned if there is significant public health risk. Cigarette and alcohol advertising would seem to fall squarely into this category, and ads for junk food could easily be restricted.

Fit's Tip: Try getting your kids to bring a lunch from home. Even better? Have them pack it (with the healthy food you have made available at home), this way they will feel a sense of responsibility about what they are putting in their bodies.

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