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Just Put One Foot In Front of the Other: Walking

There is no doubt about it - walking is good for you! If you are perpetually flummoxed by fitness news and terms like fartlek, gyrotonics and plyometrics make you a bit anxious, you need to know that walking is good for you. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It is free: You don't need to join a gym to walk.
  • It is easy: Walking requires no lessons, since you have been doing it all your life
  • It is beneficial: Walking can help with weight control, lowering blood pressure, decreases your risk for cardio-vascular disease and stroke.
  • It is uncomplicated: You can walk anytime, anywhere. It doesn't require special equipment or conditions.

If you are intimidated by exercising, start walking. It is a great form of exercise and it is a great form of conditioning for other forms of exercise from step aerobics to running.

So like Giggle says you got to walk, walk, walk, walk it out.


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