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KFC Goes Grilled

As posting calorie counts becomes mandatory in more and more places, many fast food restaurants are trying to lure health-conscious customers back in an effort to boost slumping sales. Following its competitors that have been offering grilled fare for years, Kentucky Fried Chicken is now serving up buckets of grilled chicken, which is much healthier than its fried counterpart. The grilled chicken will cost the same as KFC's Original Recipe, but the caloric price is considerably lower.

To see how these two types of KFC chicken compare,


Depending on the piece, the grilled chicken contains 70 to 180 calories, compared to 110 to 370 calories found in pieces of Original Recipe. The difference in fat and sodium content is even more striking. The grilled chicken, once again depending on the piece, contains four to nine grams of fat while the Original Recipe pieces contain seven to 21 grams of fat. The grilled chicken sodium tops off at 440 milligrams, while the fried version can contain up to 1,050 mg per piece. While I am not a fan of fast food, I recognize the need to occasionally eat on the run, and appreciate that KFC is offering healthier options. Many of the participating franchises will be offering a free piece for customers to try on April 27. Will you be trying it?

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