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Is Karolina Kurkova Missing a Belly Button?

Navel Gazing at the VS Fashion Show

The annual Victoria's Secret fashion show always causes quite a stir. Alessandra Ambrosio impressed us all with her amazing post-baby body, having given birth to her daughter less than three months before the runway show. Amid the grandiose wings and sexy apparel, did anyone notice that Karolina Kurkova doesn't really have a belly button, but rather a smooth indentation in the middle of her midriff?

Karolina's lack of a belly button caught the attention of the BBC. They are reporting that the Czech model voted the world's sexiest woman by E!, has never explained her lack of a decidedly "innie" or "outie" navel except to explain through her agent that she "is not an alien."

To see how someone could lose her belly button, just


There are a few medical reasons that could leave a person without a navel, but most often it is the result of a corrective surgery at birth for an umbilical hernia, or gastroschisis, a condition where the stomach and intestines poke through a hole in the abdominal wall. Adults may lose their belly buttons during stomach surgeries or skin grafts, and some adults even opt to have their navels surgically enhanced. It comes as no surprise that a model that makes millions a year for her body would occasionally have her belly button, or lack thereof, enhanced via photoshop onto her otherwise sublime abdomen.

Obviously, this small issue isn't hurting Karolina's career or her status. This is one of those small facts that remind us, even angels are not perfect.


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