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Kerri Walsh Shares Her Bikini Beauty Secrets

Olympian Kerri Walsh Shares Her Bikini Beauty Tips

The following post was written by Olympic athlete and mom Kerri Walsh, two-time gold medalist in beach volleyball.

Since my work wardrobe consists of bikinis, people ask me all the time what I do to feel confident in a bathing suit. Over the years I've learned a thing or two and now that bikini season is in full swing, it's time to share my secrets!

  • Fix your skin: Start with a clean canvas. Banish sun spots, redness, fine lines, and prominent veins with products like Murad’s Environmental Shield line.
  • Don't speed shop for your suit: Finding the perfect suit takes patience and lots of trial and error. Shop on a day when you have plenty of time to try on lots of suits and visit several stores. Next, think about your activity level. Do you need a suit that stays put while you jog or compete or do you need something that looks pretty while you lie in the sun? I am very active in my work suits so I go for sporty cuts that still look feminine and sexy.

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  • Groom please: In my line of work having smooth legs and a smooth bikini line are musts! I spent years waxing before I invested in laser hair removal and it was well worth it. I keep my skin moisturized with Basq Body Oil, a product I discovered when I got pregnant. It is light, clean smelling, and leaves my skin feeling soft and sexy.
  • Work your buns: I find that if my buns look good, I'm less concerned about the rest of my body. Lunges, squats, and running are all staples in my fitness routine. I also focus on my core because a strong and healthy core equals a strong and healthy body. I practice Pilates and find that planks are perfect for toning my core while working other key muscles in my arms and shoulders.
  • Don't limit exfoliation to your face: Exfoliation is such an easy way to make your skin glow and I swear that getting rid of that top layer of dull skin takes years off. Use an exfoliating glove or product a few times a week and you will look and feel like new.
  • Ultimately, it's about what you eat: Drink lots of water, eat fresh leafy greens, and prioritize whole grains. If you splurge on a "no-no," up your intake of fruits and veggies to get back on track.

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