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Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Disagree on Spinning

While talking to PopSugar on their way to A Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival, LC and Lo talked health and fitness.

Lauren told Pop that the housemates cook a lot at home and are firm supporters of organic food. Among many things they share, one is a personal trainer. They do not, however, share the same opinion when it comes to spinning. Here's a brief exchange to clue us in to their fitness personalities:

Lo: I just started spin and Lauren went with me.
LC: — and I hate it. I prefer boxing or hiking, more fun activities.
Lo: I love it though. I think it’s just important to keep it varied so you don’t hit a plateau.

Last year we learned that LC loved boxing, and glad to hear she is sticking with it — you gotta do what you love. I share a love of spinning with Lo. What about you? Where do you stand in the great spinning debate?


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