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Learn to Love: Peas

I am a person who firmly believes that fresh green peas got a bad rap. Often over cooked, their texture can be a serious turn off. I am here to say though there are so many reasons to learn to love peas.

These little legumes are naturally tender since they are protected by their shell we call a pod. They can be eaten raw – I like to toss them on a salad – but cooking them will only make them sweeter. Just don't over do it.

It must be their sweet taste that helps malign the pea with all those anti carb types. While a cup of peas contains 21 grams of carbs, it also contains 7 grams of fiber. These little green gems are also high in vitamins K and C, magnesium, folate and thiamin (vitamin B1).

Pea season is peaking right now! So now is the time to experiment with peas. YumSugar has a great Spring Pea Salad for you to try. They are also great puréed as a side dish too.

At my house we refer to peas as "nature's candy." Tell me how you feel about peas on the comment section below.


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