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Lip Balm Really is Addictive

Raise your hand if you can't go anywhere without your lip balm? (My hand is raised.) If you are one of those folks who is constantly applying lip balm, you may actually be addicted to it because your lips become so accustomed to having more moisture content than they had in the past.

Good news though: Being addicted to lip balm is really no big deal unless you develop an allergic reaction to the ingredients. Flavoring, fragrances or added preservatives may be the source of the problem if you do have problems with a lip balm. Switching to an unflavored or unscented type of lip balm may solve the problem completely.

All lip balms work by sealing in natural moisture and there isn't much difference between a 99-cent lip balm and more expensive brands, when it comes to sealing in moisture at least.

Personally, I always have a tube of the good ole' ChapStick brand stuff in my purse and gym bag. I love ChapStick Ultra because it has SPF 30. Buy it online from for $2.99.

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