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Liposuction for Sweating

Maybe you have heard of botox treatments being used to curtail excessive armpit sweating, now a new technique is on the block.

Well, not really a new technique, per se, but an old technique applied for a new purpose. Liposuction techniques have been used by German doctors on 51 patients as a treatment for extreme underarm sweating.

Using just local anesthetic, sweat glands are sucked out of the underarm using lipo techniques. Patients involved in the trial experiment experienced a 75% reduction in sweat, and this reduction created a "huge" improvement in the quality of life.

This new treatment would be offered to the 1.5 % of Western populations that suffer from excess sweating, or "hyperhidrosis" in medical speak. It would be a last resort after other options, like aluminum roll on and medication, have failed to alleviate the problem.

Sounds painful to me, but I hope it really helps people who suffer from this condition. Especially since some folks are so embarrassed they don't leave their homes.

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