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Listen Up and Get Moving: Simply Audio Books

My life is generally busier than I really want it to be and I miss the good ol' days (read before children) when I could cozy up with a book on a Saturday afternoon. Or when I could just decide to go for a run and head out the door with no preplanning (read negotiation with husband). I figured out a way to combine my love of books and my love of exercise with audio books, the plot keeps me going sometimes more than a strong beat would.

I just discovered a really easy way to find audio books — Their tag line is "Rent. Buy. Download. Listen." This company offers a variety of ways for you to receive your audio books. You can rent them — similar to Netflix. You choose how many titles you want to have at one time and shipping is free both ways. The price range is $17 a month to have one title, to $45 a month to have four titles simultaneously.

The other, even more convenient option is to download books — similar to iTunes. Just download the book and listen at your convenience. For one title a month the cost is $18 and for three the cost is $38. They have many, many titles; a great search function; and recommendations, too.

How about you? Do you like to listen to audio books when you workout? Tell me in the comments section below.

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