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Locker Room Time Savers

For those of us who sneak out of the office to get in a quick workout at lunch, anything that can cut time down in the locker room is helpful.

  • Forget layering sports bra and shirt, instead slip into an all-in-one sports top with built in bra.
  • Only pack the necessities in your bag so you're not left fumbling around to find your gear. I like to put my socks inside my shoes the night before so they're already together.
  • Avoid spending time unraveling iPod cords by investing in a cord keeper. I like the SmarterWrap cord manager ($4.99).
  • Instead of using a headband, put hair in a loose ponytail. This will preserve volume and eliminate time at the blow dryer post workout.
  • Take a "body shower" and use dry shampoo to freshen up hair.

There are a few more time saving tips for the locker room, so

  • Forget about fidgeting with bottles in the shower, wash your face and bod with the cleansing cloths. I like the ones by Dove.
  • Keep makeup in a see through case (or even ziplock bag) so you can see what you're grabbing for and aren't left searching frantically for your eyeliner.
  • If possible, avoid the prime lunch rush and head to the gym a little earlier or later to avoid waiting in lines for the showers, hair dryers, etc.


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