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Long John Silver's Breakdown

Long John Silver's Breakdown

Some people love getting fish fast and cheap. I don't happen to be one of those people (frozen fish sticks are enough to make me feel ill) but if you are, check out this breakdown before your next trip to Long John Silver's.

If you're choosing between Battered Fish and Baked Cod, then consider this:
Calories Fat (g) Trans Fat Sodium (mg) Carbs (g)
Baked Cod (1) 120 4.5 0 240 1
Battered Fish (1) 260 16 4.5 790 17

If you're choosing between the salads, then consider this:
Calories Fat (g) Trans Fat Sodium (mg) Carbs (g)
Shrimp &
Seafood* **
140 1.5 0 530 19
Chicken Cobb*
510 30 6.5 1550 35

* No Dressing
** No croutons or crumblies, but with extra tomatoes & carrots added

If you're choosing between sides, then consider this:
Calories Fat (g) Trans Fat Sodium (mg) Carbs (g)
Corn Cobbette (1) 90 3 0 0 14
Hushpuppy (1) 60 2.5 1 200 9
Tartar Sauce
(1 oz)
100 9 0 250 4

There are more tips on eating out, so

Things to consider (applies everywhere, not just Long John Silver's):

  1. Condiments (like tartar sauce) can really add calories
  2. Baked is almost ALWAYS better than fried
  3. Don't assume a salad is going to be less calories -- Always check the ingredients before ordering
  4. Fried alert: Watch out for terms like "Crispy," "Battered" and "Breaded"
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Join The Conversation
redegg redegg 8 years
The smell just walking in that place always made me almost throw up. The air was so thick with grease. :(
krisua krisua 8 years
Let's hope we don't have to choose between them at all.
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 8 years
What Long John Silver's doesn't tell you about is how many calories those freaking delicious little crunchy fried bits are that accompany the fried fish almost like a side-dish. I would say at least another 150 calories. But hey, I love this place...I grew up eating this stuff so I can't help it. I make up for it with broccoli, tofu and quinoa. Trust me ;)
mandiesoh mandiesoh 8 years
i've not eaten Long John for a looong time! :( i LOOVE their battered chicken and fries. SIGH :P
Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 8 years
Don't eat there AT ALL. My hatred for seafood definitely includes FRIED seafood! LOL
jessiedallas jessiedallas 8 years
i only like thier clams, but now i want some! and a hush puppy maybe, crap!!
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