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Go Ahead, Drink Up: 9 Cocktails Under 200 Calories

Sep 23 2016 - 3:50am

A well-spent weekend should (almost) always include a cocktail. But for those concerned with calories, a good happy hour doesn't have to ruin your diet. Here are some of our favorite cocktails, all of which clock in under 200 calories — and we're not talking vodka sodas, either. These drinks celebrate fresh fruit, tropical destinations, and celebratory nights.


Mojitos are made with fresh ingredients and zero-calorie soda water, making the drink a much better choice than a gin and tonic or a rum and Coke. The classic Cuban cocktail is even better with the addition of fresh fruit like strawberries, mangoes, or pineapple. Adding fruit is a win-win, since it allows you to cut down on the amount of sugar in the classic mojito recipe [2].


Before you go out and order a margarita at your local bar or restaurant, make sure it doesn't use corn-syrup-filled margarita mix. If so, skip it and make our margarita recipe [3] at home. Not only will it taste better, but you'll also save major calories. This recipe, which purists will love, has only 144 calories — not a bad way to spend happy hour!


Light, refreshing, and crisp, a traditional gimlet clocks in at 215 calories, but when made with shochu [4] (like in our basil gimlet recipe [5]), it doesn't even hit the 100-calorie mark. Best of all, a basil gimlet feels light going down — the combination of basil and lime gives the cocktail a nice clean taste that isn't heavy at all. Make it even more interesting by muddling some hydrating cucumber into the drink.

Ginger Fizz

Our ginger fizz [6] gets a double whammy of ginger's medicinal benefits by incorporating both vodka and simple syrup that have been infused with fresh ginger root.

Bacio di Rosa

A light and refreshing aperitif, the Bacio di Rosa [7] is lower in alcohol and calories than most Summer libations. At only 75 calories, you'll want to enjoy a few of these! If the Bacio di Rosa isn't your style, try the classic Aperol Spritz [8].

The Brazilian

Disclaimer: the Brazilian [9] just barely goes over the 200-calorie mark, but that's not bad at all considering it's a tropical-inspired cocktail. If calories are a big concern, just shave a half-ounce of cachaca off the recipe; you'll save about 40 calories in the process but still have a well-balanced drink. The fresh tropical fruit puree will make you feel like you're drinking a spiked smoothie and have you wishing you were hanging on warmer shores.


A mixture of gin, lemon, fresh blackberries, and blackberry liqueur, the bramble is a classic Summer cocktail. Change things up a bit and make it even more warm-weather friendly with this variation of the classic — the tequila bramble [9]. If you're not into blackberries, don't worry! Any Summer berry will do well in this drink.


Beer drinkers, rejoice! There's a Summer cocktail for you. A michelada [10] is the perfect go-to drink on a hot Summer day. Refreshing with just the right amount of kick, it's sure to cool you down.

Copa Verde

The avocado in the Copa Verde [11] tips the calorie scale at 300, but I think we can all admit that a few extra calories from avocado go a long way. You wind up with a cocktail full of healthy fats, vitamin C, and fiber. That's a first!

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