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Low-Calorie, High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

Lose Weight, Gain Energy: 5 High-Protein Breakfasts Under 350 Calories

While I'm a firm believer in having a morning snack, not everyone has the time to stop for a banana and almonds break. If a morning snack isn't an option for you, fill up on a breakfast that's high in protein to satisfy your hunger and keep your energy going strong until lunch. Here are some breakfast ideas that contain at least 20 grams of protein and are all under 350 calories.

Cheese and Veggie Omelet

Two large eggs: 12.6 grams, 143 calories
One ounce monterey jack cheese: 6.9 grams, 104 calories
Three medium mushrooms: 1.7 grams, 12 calories
One plum tomato: 0.5 grams, 11 calories

Total protein: 21.7 grams
Total calories: 270

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Cereal With Fruit and Milk

One cup GoLean Original cereal: 13 grams, 140 calories
One-half cup fresh raspberries: 0.7 grams, 32 calories
One medium peach: 0.9 grams, 38 calories
One cup skim milk: 8.7 grams, 91 calories

Total protein: 23.3 grams
Total calories: 301

Yogurt With Fruit and Nuts

Six ounces plain Greek yogurt: 18 grams, 100 calories
One-half cup fresh blueberries: 0.5 grams, 42 calories
10 grapes: 0.4 grams, 34 calories
One-fourth cup sliced raw almonds: 4.9 grams, 133 calories

Total protein: 23.8 grams
Total calories: 309

Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie

Photo: Jenny Sugar

One small banana: 1.1 grams, 90 calories
Four ounces vanilla Greek yogurt: 10.7 grams, 80 calories
Five medium strawberries: 0.4 grams, 19 calories
One tablespoon all-natural creamy almond butter: 3.5 grams, 95 calories
Two cups raw spinach: 1.7 grams, 14 calories
One-fourth cup cannellini beans: 3 grams, 50 calories

Total protein: 20.4 grams
Total calories: 348

Cottage Cheese With Fruit and Toast

Six ounces lowfat cottage cheese: 16.5 grams, 123 calories
10 fresh cherries: 0.9 grams, 52 calories
One slice whole-wheat bread: 4 grams, 100 calories
One-half tablespoon cashew butter: 1.3 grams, 48 calories

Total protein: 22.7 grams
Total calories: 323

— Additional reporting by Emily Bibb

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