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Macrobiotics: Is it Right for You?

A Macrobiotic diet stresses the idea of food for sustenance (ya know, eat to live - not live to eat).

It's based on the Zen belief of Yin and Yang. Yin is said to be cold, sweet, and passive. Yang, on the other hand is hot, salty, and aggressive. This diet works to keep these two opposing forces in balance to achieve good health. I didn't even know these forces existed in food, let alone needed controlling.

Here's what's on the Macrobiotic Menu:

  • Whole grains like rice, barley, and buckwheat
  • Seasonal and sea vegetables
  • Nuts, legumes, and fresh fish (for protein)
  • Sweeteners like brown rice syrup, sea salt, and tamari for flavor
  • Broths and purified water (only when you're thirsty)

Sorry, these are not on the Menu:

  • Processed foods, dairy products, eggs, refined sugars, chocolate, coffee, tropical fruits, hot spices, toxic foods such as nightshades (peppers, potatoes and tomatoes), alcohol, and red meat.

So basically we are talking about a very strict whole foods, non-dairy, almost vegetarian diet, with a little bit of fish thrown in there. Healthy? Yes, but it doesn't sound like too much fun. What's life without dessert?

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