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Madonna's Still Working Out, A Lot

Madonna's Still Working Out, A Lot

At 48, Madonna is one fit momma. I knew she was a big fan of jogging around town and doing yoga from time to time, but it turns out that she has been doing a lot (and I mean a lot) more than just that to get ready for her Live Earth performance.

Sources say:

"...Madonna has been using the so-called gyrotonic expansion system, a wooden contraption of levers and pulleys which elongates muscles. She also practises pilates and yoga and does between 200 and 400 sit-ups a day."

That seems like a lot, even for Madonna, so I really hope she gives herself ample time to rest that tired body in between all her hard work. But even more than that, I really hope Madonna allows herself to enjoy the occasional cookie or piece of birthday cake.


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