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Make Your Gym Time Count

When it comes to exercise you want to make the most of your workouts, especially if you are pressed for time. And these days, who isn't pressed for time.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your workout:

Warm Up Prior to Strength Training Session:
Just 5 minutes of cardio before lifting weights will increase blood flow to your muscles by about 55 percent and this makes your muscles contract better.
Added bonus: Warming your body up also lowers your body's perceived exertion of how hard your exercise session is, making you feel less taxed.

Work the Circuit:
Keep your workouts exciting and varied by creating a circuit for yourself by performing 3 to 5 several strengthening exercises, followed by short 3 minutes cardio segments. Pick 3 weight machines that work different parts of your body and intersperse with sets of abdominals, then cycle for 3 minutes. Next work your arms with free weights, sprinkle in lunges and squats then jump on the elliptical.
Added Bonus: Since circuit training is so fast paced and varied the chances of getting bored and stopping are much lower. Plus it is an efficient calorie burner that increases muscular strength and decreases body fat.

Mix Up The Cardio:
Cross train with at least two types of cardio. Try mixing running with swimming, or mix cycling with step aerobics. By incorporating different types of cardio you will increase your fitness level and work your body in different ways.
Added Bonus: Varying the type of cardio you do greatly decreases your risk for injury because you won't be over using just one muscle group.


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