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Man Eating Only Bacon For Entire Month of February

Many people love bacon, but I guess Mike J. Nelson really loves bacon. Or at least he can't turn down a bet. My friend Giggle told me that for the entire month of February, Nelson will be eating nothing but bacon for every meal. Friends of his said that as delicious as bacon is, "no one could eat very much of it and live." So he's attempting to prove them wrong by living solely on bacon for the entire month. Bacon and beer, wine, martinis, and water, of course. Yikes. I guess he didn't get the memo that February is American Heart Month.

Mike is 6'2", 190 pounds, has a 33/34 inch waist, and his blood pressure is pretty consistently 117/65. He said, "I'm willing to bet you my weight will not change (may lose a little, actually), my blood pressure will probably drop a little, and I won’t get any taller."

Are you curious to find out how many calories and fat are in a day's worth of bacon? Me too, so I made a handy chart. To see it


The blog doesn't mention how much bacon he'll eat per day, but based on his height and weight, and minimal activity level, Fit's Calculator says he needs to consume about 2,400 calories in order to maintain his weight. Let's subtract 147 from 2,400, to account for one beer a day, and that leaves 2,253 calories left for bacon consumption. Since one medium strip of bacon contains 46 calories, he needs to consume about 49 strips of bacon a day. Let's see what that means nutritionally.

Calories Total (g) Saturated Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg) Protein (g)
Breakfast: 15 strips of bacon 690 54 18 135 2,940 46.5
Lunch: 15 strips of bacon 690 54 18 135 2,940 46.5
Snack: 6 strips of bacon 276 21.6 7.2 54 1,176 18.6
Dinner: 15 strips of bacon and a 12 oz. Budweiser 837 54 18 135 2,960 47.8
Total: 49 strips of bacon and a 12 oz. Budweiser 2,400 174.1 57.2 458 9,641 155.4

Ouch, my heart aches just looking at those numbers. All that fat, cholesterol, and that ungodly amount of sodium. It's so wrong. So unbelievably unhealthy. With a diet like this, I hope Mike gives up and realizes man can't live on bacon alone, before his body goes into coronary arrest.


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