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Marijuana Smoke May Cause Lung Cancer

Take Clinton's Advice: Don't Inhale – Pot Causes Cancer

There is a long held belief, by many a stoner, that smoking marijuana poses no health threats, just possible legal troubles. Well, I hate to "bum anyone's high" but new studies indicate that regularly smoking pot poses an increased risk for cancer. It seems that smoking a doobie is bad for your lungs.

Researchers in New Zealand found that smoking one joint is the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes because joints have no filter. Plus, pot smokers tend to hold the smoke in the lungs increasing their exposure time to the smoke. Cannabis smoke not only contains twice the amount of carcinogens as tobacco smoke, but pot smokers end up with five times more carbon monoxide in their blood stream when compared to tobacco smokers.

To see how much weed makes for the danger zone, just

It should be noted that the pot smokers involved in the study smoked one joint a day for ten years, or two joints a day for five years (the accelerated approach), and were considered the "high exposure group" – no pun intended. The daily smokers lung cancer risk rose by 5.7 times.

I was a little amused to read that the researchers found it "intriguing" that more research hasn't been done on the cannabis lung cancer connection. Since pot is an illegal drug, I am sure funding for the research would be difficult to come by.

To borrow a line from Nancy Regan, "Just say no to drugs." It is better for your brain and your lungs.


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