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Minutes to a Healthier You . . .

You may feel like if you don't have enough time to do a full workout, that it's not worth doing anything, but every minute that you move adds up. If you're not sure what to do, try this five exercise circuit and repeat it twice.

To find what the five exercises are

  1. Squats: Stand with your feet hip width apart. Bend you knees and sit back, keeping the weight towards your heels. Then stand up. Do 20 reps.
  2. Push-ups: Do regular push-ups or rest your knees on the ground. Do 15 total, even if you need to stop and take a break.
  3. Reverse Lunges: Stand with your feet together. Step your right foot back about two feet and lower your hips so that your front thigh is perpendicular to the ground (your back knee will be directly below your hip). Then step your right foot forward returning to the start position. Do 15 reps on the right leg and then switch to the left.
  4. Backbend: Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your feet as close to your hips as possible. Place your palms on the ground above your shoulders, so your fingertips are facing your feet. Press into you hands and lift your hips, back, and head up off the ground. Hold like this for 20 seconds and then lower yourself back to the ground.
  5. Plank on your elbows: Stand on your hands and knees. Place your elbows on the ground so your forearms are parallel. Now step your feet back one at a time so that your body is in one straight line (make sure your hips are in line with your shoulders). Hold like this for a count of 20 and then release.

Now repeat these five exercises one more time. Try it! I think you will like it.

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