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Morning Yoga Sequence With Playlist

Wake Up to This Yoga Sequence (With a Playlist!)

Between the Sun Salutations and all the forward bends, this morning yoga sequence gets the body feeling stretched, limber, and ready to embrace the morning. Plenty of vinyasas (Four-Limbed Staff to Up Dog to Down Dog) link the sequences to get cardio in, and extra breaths in each posture will work like a mini meditation for the mind.

Before you hit the mat, be sure to familiarize yourself with each posture, and get a feel for all the songs on the playlist. The timing is not an exact science since everyone works within their own individual breath. While doing the sequence, if you hear the last song come on and you're not in Savasana, it's time to lie down and rest before taking on your day!

Yoga Pose Rounds/Breaths/Time
1. Child's Pose 1 Minute (Until You Hear the Song Say "All Wash Out")
2. Sun Salutations A 4 Rounds
3. Sun Salutations B 4 Rounds
4. Standing Forward Bend 10 Breaths + 1 Vinyasa
5. Warrior 1 Pose 10 Breaths on Each Side + 1 Vinyasa
6. Warrior 2 Pose 10 Breaths on Each Side + 1 Vinyasa
7. Half Moon Pose 10 Breaths on Each Side + 1 Vinyasa
8. Pigeon Pose 10 Breaths on Each Side + 1 Vinyasa
9. Seated Forward Bend 10 Breaths
10. Corpse Pose Take Rest Until the Music Runs Out!

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