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Multitasking Move: Arms and Abs

I love multitasking, about this I cannot lie. I really love a multitasking exercise. Arms and abs are often what brides want to work in their pre-wedding Pilates sessions. Well, here are 2 types of elbow planks to get the job done, and they are not just for brides. Planks are a great way to get your body bikini ready.

Elbow Plank

Hold for 30 seconds

  • Pull your abs up toward the ceiling, but do not break at your hips
  • Really press through your elbows so you don't collapse between your shoulder bladesReach through your heels to activate the back of your legs and your booty (similar to weighting your heels when you do a squat)
Side Elbow Plank

  • Keep your waist lifted away from the floor, work those obliques
  • Press down with your elbow to keep your shoulder away from your ear
  • Reach through your top hand, this will make you feel lighter

Both exercises are fine to do if you have wrist problems since the weight is on your elbow, not your hands.

Try holding each plank for 30 seconds, and work up to holding them for a minute. These are great to do during commercial breaks while watching TV. Just put something under your elbows to cushion them.

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