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Must-Read: The End of Overeating

He took on big tobacco as the head of the FDA, then once out of the government Dr. David Kessler decided to take on America's growing obesity problem, focusing on the issue of overeating. His motivation was personal this time, having dieted on and off for years watching his scale yo-yo up and down.

In his new book The End of Overeating, Kessler explains why foods that takes you to your bliss point are not only preying on human biology, but these foods have also been engineered by the food industry to whet your appetite. Kessler lays out his arguments like a scientist, backing up almost every point. It is easy to get bogged down by these reports, but from them you learn how and why we crave sugar, fat, and salt. The author makes a point to reemphasize that eating more calories than you burn creates weight gain and that we wasted a couple of decades finger-pointing at specific macronutrients. Kessler also details the inner workings of the food scientist and research used to engineer food to ensure it not only tastes good, but will make you want to keep tasting until well beyond satiety. All in all, the book details why many Americans are obsessed and even addicted to food. To see what Kessler has to say about the actual process of ending overeating continue reading.

He doesn't leave you stranded in the mire of food compulsion, he offers ways to break the cycle. It is not easy to break the addiction to food, you can't go cold turkey because, unlike cigarettes or booze, you cannot live without food. The process might be slow but you learn to use a different reward substituting unhealthy foods with healthy activities and healthier foods. Breaking a food addiction requires supportive environment and the book aims to help. If you are looking to change your relationship with food, this could be a helpful book for you.

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