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My Breasts are Lumpy

I have a distinct memory of sitting in my high-school sex ed class, learning about self-breast exams. That night, in the privacy of my own room, I felt around and was in shock. My breasts were full of tiny little bean size lumps. I was convinced I had breast cancer.

But later, I found out that normal and healthy women's breasts are lumpy. And the lumps can change with your monthly cycle as your hormones naturally fluctuate.

What a relief. Overall lumpiness is normal.

But, the thing is some lumps can be bad news. So how can you tell?

You've got to work it into your schedule and do self-breast exams throughout the month. Become familiar with the shape, texture, and consistency of your own breasts.

Here's the rule of thumb. If you feel a lump that feels different from those around it, don't freak out just yet. Wait it out through 1 or 2 menstrual cycles. If it doesn't change, or gets bigger, definitely get it checked out.

Check out this commercial urging you to perform monthly breast exams.

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