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My New Favorite Soup: Lentil Tomato

My husband, a self proclaimed super carnivore, told me recently he wanted to eat less meat. Not give it up entirely by any means, but cut back in an effort to eat more veggies. So I have been trying new recipes and I found this one in a cookbook I have had for years. I had never made this soup before and thought it looked tasty and so good for you. Lentils are high in fiber and tomatoes are full of lycopene, a potent antioxidant.

Here is the recipe. Try it and see if you like it too. It is so easy to make and that is just another reason it is my new fave.

Tomato Lentil Soup
adapted from the New Basics Cookbook

1 tablespoon olive oil
2 cups chopped onion
2 cups chopped celery
2 large cans Roma tomatoes (28 oz. each)
6 cups low sodium, non-fat chicken broth or veggie stock
2 cups dried lentils (rinsed)
1 cup chopped fresh Italian parsley
1 cup dry red wine
4 cloves garlic, finely minced
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1/4 cup balsamic (or red wine vinegar)

  1. Sauté onions and celery in olive oil in a large soup pot, for about 10 minutes.
  2. Purée tomatoes with their juice in a blender or food processor, and add to veggies.
  3. Add chicken (or veggie) stock and lentils. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and and simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes.
  4. Add 1/2 cup of the parsley, along with the wine, garlic, pepper, salt and cloves. Stir well and simmer for another 25 minutes. Add remaining 1/2 cup of parsley and balsamic vinegar. Simmer another 5 minutes.
  5. Serve immediately with rustic multigrain bread and enjoy.

Makes 8 portions.

This recipe was originally made with 4 tablespoons butter and I just thought the wasn't necessary. Since lentils are so full of fiber I added 2 cups instead of the original 1/2 cup.

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tamnluv1012 tamnluv1012 8 years
If you garnish your soup with chunks of ripe avocado, you'll increase the health benefits of the tomatoes (lycopene) - besides, it tastes soooo good! MMMM ... my mouth is watering already!!!
tamnluv1012 tamnluv1012 8 years
If you garnish your soup with chunks of ripe avocado, you'll increase the health benefits of the tomatoes (lycopene) - besides, it tastes soooo good! MMMM ... my mouth is watering already!!!
its_apie its_apie 9 years
Thank you so much Rubita, even though I have maintained a healthy weight after 3 pregnancies (I control my portions), I have vowed not to let my children grow up with the same terrible habits and lack of healthy food as I did. This is such a huge help, you do not even know how much I appreciate this. April
Rubita Rubita 9 years
Hi April, To me, lentils taste like creamy, mild-flavored beans. They're smaller than beans and they make a nice broth when you cook them. Then, if you continue to cook them (like this soup) some of the lentils will just melt into the broth...yummy! I think they're great, and can't imagine them being an offensive food. Try them out! ;) Also, for recipe suggestions, have a look at They have so many, and you can easily add up the calories, etc. w/ their nutrition log.
its_apie its_apie 9 years
Not to sound stupid but what do they taste like? I live in a little hole in the ground called West Virginia and was not raised around healthy meals and have no idea where to start. I want to eat healthy and I am trying but would like some recipes if anybody could help me with it. Thanks you guys. April
scratch5 scratch5 9 years
It is cold where I live right now - where's spring? So I made this soup and it is really good!!! Thanks Fit.
rocknrollmaw rocknrollmaw 9 years
Ok this recipe is REALLY REALLY GREAT! I'm sooo happy I tried it and i love lentil soup but i never thought of adding tomatoes n shtuff... this really rocks thank you for the great recipe!
Lesli581 Lesli581 9 years
i made this and it was AWESOME!!
suzanne suzanne 9 years
Yum! I love hearty soups :DROOL: Thanks for cleaning the original recipe up for us. Just the thing to break in a brand new stockpot :)
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
I am going to make this next weekend and freeze all but 3 servings of it. I will let you know how i like!!! :-) _________________________________________________________ Why don't you wear the face you have when I am not around?
DeaconP DeaconP 9 years
yum - sounds so good - i might make it for lunch today. do you know the nutritional facts?
Trinigal Trinigal 9 years
It probably tastes great
Trinigal Trinigal 9 years
I cant get over the way it looks.Ew
mandiesoh mandiesoh 9 years
ooo yummers. i love soup period. :drool:
ccsugar ccsugar 9 years
That sounds SOOO good. I love chunky tomato soup.
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