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My iPod Armband Is Smelly and Sweaty

You Asked: Dealing With iPod Case Funk

Dear Fit,
I love my iPod Nano for running but I really hate the way the armband gets so smelly and sweaty! You can't wash your armband as frequently as your running gear because the thin plastic window gets destroyed. The best compromise I've found is to put some detergent in a bowl, let it soak in hot water, and then I rinse it out by hand and let it air dry overnight.

Do any of you have better ideas for keeping your iPod clean and non-smelly?

This question came to us from RunningSugar — FitSugar's online community dedicated to our readers who run. To hear my suggestion on getting rid of iPod funk,


You're so right about iPod armbands getting sweaty and smelly. I spoke to all the runners I know and getting that nasty smell out seems to be a common problem.

Since your iPod armband has a plastic cover, handwashing is the best method to use. Like you pointed out, the plastic cover will end up coming off in your washing machine over time. You can also try washing your armband in the gentle cycle with cold water, but that might not get it clean enough. I'd suggest adding some vinegar to your soaking mix — since armbands trap bacteria, the vinegar will help kill the germs and the smell.

If you're open to a new product, I've been using the iStik for just over a year now and I love it. You put the iPod in a plastic face case, place that on your body wherever you like, and put the magnetic backing on the other side of your clothes in the same spot. I put mine on the waistband of my pants and it works like a charm.

I know it sounds a little iffy, but the magnets are extremely strong, your iPod is protected from sweat, and the case is so easy to clean. When I run, my iPod doesn't move around, and it's easy to change songs because I keep it on the belt area of my pants.

For more tips, advice, and support from fellow FitSugar runners, check out the RunningSugar group!


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