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Naptime: No Longer Just for 2 Year Olds

Mid-week comes along and wouldn't if be great if you could just leave work for a little while and take a nap. Clearly there are some obvious conflicts with napping while you're on the clock, but yawn- you're just so tired that you're not able to do your job properly. What's a worker in corporate America to do?

MetroNaps has created a napping boutique of sorts. MetroNaps firmly believes that we are not getting enough sleep and if we were just allowed the opportunity to nap during the day, we would be a lot more alert and productive. I gotta say, I agree MetroNaps! Finally someone that understands!

To find out how to nap with MetroNaps,

The way it works is that you pay for your nap time ($14 for a single 20-minute session and $64 for a monthly pass) in their reclining pod, which looks like it's straight out of the Jetsons. No need to worry about noise because they supply you with noise reduction headphones and if you're worried about sleeping through your 2 o'clock meeting, don't be. The pod's timer will wake you up with a combination of vibrations and lights. Now all they need is someone to stand above you and wipe off the drool.

Currently there are only 3 MetroNaps locations in North America (two in NYC and one in Vancouver) but have no fear, MetroNaps offers the option to lease pods to offices. Imagine having a napping pod in the break room... and you thought the line for the microwave was bad! I have even heard that some corporations in NYC require their over-workers to visit MetroNaps NYC locations for a nap.

And, if you get your boss to get one of these, I need to know exactly how you pulled it off!

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