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Nearsightedness Is on the Rise and Computers May Be to Blame

You Are What You See

We are just beginning to understand how working on a computer all day long is detrimental to the body. From wrist pain to weight gain, staring at a screen all day long has been fingered as the culprit, and now it appears we can add eye problems to the list: nearsightedness is on the rise.

Nearsightedness, clinically referred to as myopia, means that objects in close range appear normal, but objects at a distance are blurry. According to the National Eye Institute, around 41 percent of Americans are now myopic, up from 25 percent in the early '70s. The most popular theory for the steep rise in nearsightedness is that more and more people are doing "close work" at computers and desks, and more and more people, children included, are spending their free time with digital devices from Game Boys to iPhones. Others think we may be becoming genetically more susceptible to the condition, correctable with lenses or surgery.

Regardless of the reason, give your eyes break. Take a walk outside and look out into the distance. Do you wear glasses? Are you nearsighted or far?

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