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NightCove: Sleep Don't Come Cheap

NightCove: Sleep Don't Come Cheap

I want a good night's sleep just as much as anyone, so when I saw this clock designed by French company Zyken - I was all ears.

It's called the NightCove. It's a clock which promises to promote healthful sleeping with ambient lighting - it's scientifically proven to increase energy levels and lucidity in the morning and result in a better night's sleep overall.

The clock uses LEDs to control the wavelengths, intensity, and variations of light, which affect the brain's production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep-wake cycles.

With programmable modes for falling asleep, napping and waking, the NightCove uses colors to mimic dawn and dusk guiding users in and out of wakefulness.

Other features include connectivity options for integrating the light-clock with other components like mp3 players, computers, lighting and the ability to synchronize with another NightCove clock (they encourage you to buy two - one for you, and one for your honey).

They don't come cheap though. At $2300 a pop, I can think of a ton of other, cheaper ways to catch my zzzzzs.

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