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Noodle Soup Breakdown

Who hasn't had their share of instant noodle soups? They're quick, they're easy, and they're cheap.

With all that said, I probably don't need to tell you that most of them aren't the healthiest thing you could eat. Want to see how they compare? Then

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Kind Serving Size Calories Fat Sodium Carbs Protein
Ramen, Beef flavor

1 package (43g, 1.5 oz) 190 7g 790mg 25g 5g
Ramen, Chicken flavor

1 package (43g, 1.5 oz) 190 7g 790mg 26g 5g
Top Ramen, Chicken Vegetable

1 package (43g, 1.5 oz) 190 7g 830mg 26g 5g
Cup-o-noodles, chicken flavor

1 container (64g, 2.28 oz) 296 14g 1434mg 37g 5.6g
Simply Asia, Savory Onion

1 bowl (23 g, .82 oz) 70 g 210mg 11g 4.5g
Simply Asia Noodle Bowl, Shiitake Mushroom

1 bowl (173g, 6.2 oz) 268 2.8g 746mg 56g 5.2g
Thai Kitchen, Bangkok Curry

1 package (45g, 1.6 oz) 160 3g 940mg 34g 3g