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Nothing to Sneeze At

Runny noses abound these days, and sneezes often accompany these dripping sniffers. Here are five things I felt compelled to share with you about the simple act of the sneeze.

  • A sneeze is your body forcefully expelling irritants and bacteria. Don't suppress your sneezes; let your body do its thing.
  • Sneeze into the crook of your elbow if you find yourself without a tissue. Remember this catchy phrase: "Sneeze into your sleeve."
  • A conservative estimate on the speed of a sneeze is 100 miles per hour.
  • A sneeze can send water droplets up to three feet.
  • Your heart does not stop when you sneeze, but the change of pressure in your chest can alter the rhythm of your heartbeat, making it feel like it's skipped a beat.
  • About one in four people experience a photic sneezing reflex, meaning bright light induces a sneeze. The sensation is also known as sun sneezing.
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