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Olympics Badminton History and Details

Skirt Scandals and Geese Feathers: Get to Know Olympics Badminton!

Badminton is more than a garden-party game, it's an Olympic sport. And an exciting one too with five gold medals up for grabs this Summer. Get ready for the London games and learn the details and history of this very British game. Get your shuttlecocks ready, matches being July 28 with medal events starting Aug. 3.

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Badminton is one sport you won't wanna miss at the summer games in London. Why? Well find out and impress your friends with your knowledge of Olympic Badminton. Think Badminton isn't a physical sport? Well, think again. The sport was made its Olympic debut at the Barcelona games in 1992 requires incredible aerobic endurance, strength, and speed. It's also a very technical sport, requiring good hand-eye coordination. The ball in Badminton is called a shuttlecock. The Olypmic shuttlecock is a very specific kind; it contains 16 feathers each plucked from the left wing of a goose. These shuttlecocks often travel at speeds over 250 miles per hour. There will be five Badminton events in London: men's doubles, women's doubles, men's singles, women's singles, and mixed doubles. Players will first compete in a group stage before progressing to the knockout stage. That's when the game starts to get intense. Each match is played to the best of three games. You've won the game when you're the first to reach 21 points. You must beat out your opponent by at least two points. Fun fact: Badminton was recently skirted in controversy over the women's uniforms. Officials were accused of trying to sex up the game by creating a skirt-only policy for women. But the plan backfired as sexist. Look for the ladies of Badminton to be wearing shorts at the Olympic Games. It's fitting that Badminton be played in London. The game was invented by British officers stationed in India back in the mid-eighteenth century. Today's version is named after the Badminton House, an English country estate owned by the Royal Family. So this Olympics, impress your friends with these fun facts. Thanks for watching FitSugar TV.

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