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Oprah on Food Abuse

By now you've probably heard about Oprah's 40 pound weight gain. She's been extremely open and honest about "falling off the health wagon" and is back to the weighing the dreaded 2-0-0. Her thyroid problem is not the cause of the weight gain or simply over eating. Oprah abused food. When she couldn't satisfy her metaphoric hunger for life balance, she ate and didn't know when to stop. Take a look at the video below to hear her explain.

When it comes to losing or maintaining a healthy weight, although it is difficult you have to put yourself first. A spare hour for exercising isn't just going to magically appear in your schedule. You have to carve out the time, whether it means setting your alarm earlier, hitting the gym on your lunch break, or taking on less commitments.

To see Oprah's plan to help her stop abusing food and regain order and balance in her life,


Oprah is kicking off her Best Life Week to get herself back to a healthy lifestyle and inspire others to do the same. Check out what Oprah has planned for 2009. We can all learn from this list of healthy resolutions.

  1. Put yourself back on your to-do list and make yourself a priority. Oprah's rearranged her schedule so she has "me time," for exercising and pampering.
  2. Plan your meals. Make a schedule each week for all your meals and snacks, because if you don't plan, you'll end up getting hungry and reaching for corn chips or some other quick and not-so-healthy food.
  3. Include cardio in your exercise routine. Oprah does at least 30 minutes a day.
  4. Include resistance training. Use weights, resistance bands, kettlebells, machines, or do strength training exercises. This is important for toning your muscles and will also help prevent injuries.

Sounds reasonable and I sure hope she finds balance.

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