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This Outdoor Workout Is the Key to Sexy Legs and Abs

Apr 16 2014 - 1:08pm

Whether you're a runner or a fixture at the gym, this creative outdoor workout will make you better at what you do, all while looking stunning while doing it. "I call this workout the AHA workout — abs, hips, and ass," says Jennifer Pattee, owner of Basic Training [1] (and our fitness model!). Her workout focuses on your core, shoulders, legs, and butt to create body balance, joint flexibility, and strong, sexy muscles.

This workout's big secret, however, is its focus on your hips. "We all have kind of weak hips, and it's hard to incorporate hip-strengthening into our daily lives," Jennifer says. "We can all be stronger there, and it doesn't take long. When your hips are strong, especially your gluteus medius, it doesn't take long to become a more efficient runner. . . . It sets you up to be a strong athlete for your whole life."

Ready to work on those gams and glutes? Take a look at the workout Jennifer's created just for us (with a little help from fellow Basic Training instructor Sandra Possing and Fergus Jacobs of Gotham Gym New York [2]). You'll need a find an outdoor location with stairs and a soft area for the exercises done on the ground.


Stair Running

After a few minutes of warming up, start out with a bang by running up a staircase. Do this for five to 10 minutes, and then continue by running sideways on the stairs (as shown, facing right) for two to five minutes. Repeat facing your left side.

Star Sequence

"The star sequence is great for strengthening your shoulder joints, and it's going to help you in so many sports and activities," Jenn says. "Whether it's yoga or lifting or resistance training, having strong joints is something that a lot of people overlook in their strength training." If you feel any discomfort in your hips or lower back while doing this move, stop — it could mean your body isn't ready to perform this move quite yet.

Jump Squats

When it comes to this difficult move, "do what feels comfortable, and know that if you've never done these before, you are going to feel them the next day or the day afterward, so take it easy," Jennifer advises. "Focus on quality over quantity. . . . For some people that might be five, while other people can go up two flights of stairs or more. "

Plank With Mountain Climbers

Keep your movements slow and controlled during this core-challenging exercise.


This is a series of moves designed to strengthen and stretch the muscles and joints around your hips. "The myrtle is great for strengthening the joints around your hip girdle," Jenn says. "If you have a pretty sedentary job, your hips end up being stuck in one position. This helps give circulation to your hips; the stronger your hips are, the healthier your lower back is going to be. It's a fundamental part of your core that a lot of people don't address," Jennifer says. When it comes to these moves, a little goes a long way, so listen to your body and stop when you need to. Jennifer recommends 10 reps for beginners and 20 for advanced, but "just take it easy and go through the motions," she says.

Move 1

Move 2

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Move 5

Source: Megan Wolfe Photography [3]

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