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Outer Thigh Exercise: The Clam

This Clam Series Will Work Your Outer Thighs

I am crazy for the clam exercise. It's a simple move that tones the lower glutes and the outer thigh, and the more advanced variation even works your core. Since you do the clam lying down, it's a great exercise to incorporate into your TV time. Learn how to do the move in this video; then try it out on your own.

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Hi, I'm Susie with Fit Sugar. And today I'm going to teach you the clam series. Which is a great exercise for working your upper outer thighs and your low glutes. And it'll give you a shapely tush. So you're going to start lying on your side and then bring your knees and hips to 45 degree angles. You're gonna reach your top pelvis away from your head to bring your bottom waist off the floor. This is side line neutral and you want to maintain this position throughout the entire exercise. So for the clam, all you do is lift your top knee up keeping your heels together. And lower it down without moving in the pelvis or the torso. Focus on the top thigh bone rolling back in the socket to create the motion. That should really help you connect to your low glutes. The key to this exercise is to keep the pelvis and the torso stable while the knee is moving. Now let's get wild and do the crazy clam [xx] so, you bring the knees together and the heels apart, and then the heels together and the knees apart. knees together, heels apart, heels together, knees apart. While doing this variation, you want to make sure you're maintaining a stable core. And with this bigger range of motion, you're using your low gluts even more. You should start to feel a burn, and that's good. That's what we want. Now if you thought that claim was crazy, wait 'til you try the advanced variation and the side plank. So you come onto your elbow, lift your pelvis up, really pull your waist away from the ground. And from this position you're just going to start you're plan, lifting the knee up and lowering it down. All the while you want to stay stable in you're pelvis and your torso. And that's why this variation also works your core while sculpting your low gluts. Do 10 repetitions in each position and call it a day. Keep working out with FitSugarTV.

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