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Pain in the BACK

It is one of those unpleasant ironies – being physically active can create pain. I am not talking about DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). I am talking about back pain that won't quit. Many professional athletes and weekend warriors alike suffer from chronic back pain. Here's a little quiz to help you avoid or resolve some of those aches and pains

Pain in the BACK

Which of the following sports is considered kindest to the spine?

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Spectra Spectra 9 years
I would have thought that a perfect golf swing wouldn't aggravate your back, but I guess not. I'm so clueless about golf anyways :P I did get the running question right...yay for running!
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
My lower back pain is SO GREAT during PMS (like now) that I can't sit or sleep comfortably, and i can't stand up straight after sitting for long, and working out is next to impossible b/c it feels like I actually pulled all the muscles. I can't wait till this one is over. It is worse this month than normal. :-( :rant:
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
I got 'em all wrong :rotfl:
leahlarocco leahlarocco 9 years
Oh, how embarrassing.
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
Yay, I got 2/4, LOL.
Crystal-Smart Crystal-Smart 9 years
i only got 1 right. no wonder my back always frieken hurts!
Novaraen Novaraen 9 years
hmm...i thought running jarred your joints and vertebre and that isnt good...guess i was really I got a big fat 0. I figured the golf question was a trick one...why would someone play a sport that if done correctly could injure you? So dumb.
AmazonChick AmazonChick 9 years
hmm, currently going to physio for my back, I won't tell her that I got 0/4!!
hottpink hottpink 9 years
Man only 1 out of 4 :(
esk4 esk4 9 years
3/4 not bad, considering I had a back injury that ended my college vball carear
gooniette gooniette 9 years
So did I. That must be why my back hurts all the time. : )
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Wow I did awful.
Chaoticfury Chaoticfury 9 years
Tennis really takes it's toll on the back. I can't imagine how rowers feel...
grrl13 grrl13 9 years
me too
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I got a big fat ZERO!!! Haha... :(
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