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Partner Yoga Pose: Flying Split

Get ready for Cirque du Soleil people, because this partner yoga pose will have you defying gravity. I know this move looks like it requires Hulk-like strength, but it's about how you and your partner distribute the weight. Once you've got that down, you'll be able to do this tricky pose with grace, and you'll get a killer hamstring stretch as an added bonus.

If you're excited to make your splits fly with a partner, then


  • Partner #1 (woman), stands with her feet hip distant apart.
  • Partner #2 (man) stands in front of her. She bends her knees slightly so Partner #2 can squat down and lean his back on her thighs. Then he wraps his arms around her mid-back.
  • Then Partner #2 lifts his right leg up and Partner #1 holds onto his ankle with both hands.
  • Slowly, Partner #1 leans her weight back and Partner #2 lifts his left foot off the ground and straightens it out in front of him, coming into a split.
  • They can stay like this or to deepen the stretch, Partner #1 can lift her right arm behind her and lean back a little more to feel a wonderful stretch in the front of her shoulder.
  • Then she brings her arm back in front of her, while Partner #2 lifts his left leg straight up. Partner #1 holds onto his left ankle with her right hand, and as he straightens his right leg in front of him in a split, she reaches her left arm behind her and gently leans back.
  • To come out of this, Partner #2 releases both of his feet back to the ground.

Gives this a try and let me know what you think.

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