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Partner Yoga Pose: Handstand Help

Doing a handstand against a wall is a great way to work on your upper body strength without having to concentrate on your balance. If you have a hard time kicking your feet up into it, though, grab a friend and give this a try.

Music: "Devabandha" by Bill Laswell

I know it seems like the person helping is just flinging her partner into a handstand, but there's more to it then that. Want to know the trick? Then

  • Partner #1 (red shirt) gets into Downward Facing Dog with her fingertips about six inches away from the wall. Then she lifts her left leg up and comes into Three-Legged Dog.
  • Then Partner #2 stands next to Partner #1's left leg and places her hands under Partner #1's left foot.
  • It's very important that Partner #2 keep her hands stable and exactly where they are, trying not to let them lower down towards the floor. Then Partner #1 puts all the weight of her left foot into Partner #2's hands, and this miraculously lets her lift her right leg up into the air.
  • Partner #1 puts her right foot on the wall and then her left. She can stay here for as long as she wants and then she can lower her feet down to the floor. Then Partner #2 can help her try it with the other leg.
  • After Partner #1 gets to try this handstand with both feet, then they switch roles and Partner #2 gives handstand a try.
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