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Photos of Celebs Who Use Disposable Water Bottles

Guess Which Celebs Need Some Greening

Carrying a bottle of Evian is so last decade: disposable water bottles are bad for our wallets, our health, and the environment.

Even though we love that these celebrities spent 2009 working out, they still thought it was OK to carry around a bottle of Fiji or Arrowhead. Can you guess who doesn't know how much cooler it is to carry a Sigg or Nalgene bottle to her workout? Hopefully 2010 is the year when celebs go back to the tap — it's an easy way to help stop wasteful practices on our planet.

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Guess which celebrity was leaving the yoga studio, water bottle in hand?

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What Disney star loves working out with Fiji water?

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What sports fan was seen hitting the gym in West Hollywood?

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What celeb was seen jogging prebaby with a bottle of Arrowhead?

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Which 90210 star headed to yoga with some Arrowhead and a cute bag?

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What New Moon star headed to her gym in LA with a bottle of Fiji?

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