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PopSugar Shop Gaiam CorePlus Reformer

Gaiam CorePlus Reformer: For a Pilates Workout Anywhere, Anytime!

The Gaiam CorePlus Reformer Kit is one of FitSugar's favorite ways to get a dynamic resistance workout without the use of bulky, expensive equipment or having to take a trip to a Pilates studio. It tones, strengthens, and stretches the entire body anywhere, so it's great to use in your home gym or to pack in your suitcase. And bonus — when you purchase this Gaiam CorePlus Reformer on, you'll get free shipping!

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The Gaiam CorePlus Reformer kit is one of our favorite ways to get a dynamic resistance workout that strengthens, tones, and stretches your body anywhere without bulky equipment or heading to the Pilates studio. I've invited FitSugar host Anna Renderer to tell us about this Reformer kit. Hi, Brandi. Hi. So what makes this different from you standard resistance band? So what makes it different is that you have a light to medium resistance that attached at an X. So it's gonna give you resistance between the lower body and the upper body just like the Pilates Reformer. So, get into the straps just a little bit just to feel that because most regular bands, they don't have this kind of attachment device in the middle. Right. And so, here we go, you've got your lower body, upper body, you can feel a little bit of that tension, and now you can work your core, your lower body, anything you want just like with the Reformer. That's great, so how, what kind of exercises can we do with Okay. Well, one of the basic kind of upper body exercises you can do that engages this core is the bicep curl. So, you wanna try one? Sure. So bring the elbows up nice and high. Okay. Curl your spine into a little bit of a 'c' shape. So you pull your belly button in nice and tight. You're going to lengthen your arms out just a little bit. Keep your abs tight and then pull it in. Good. I can really feel it. Good. And then you're going slowly lower back down. Wow. It's amazing how much resistance you can get from just these bands. Exactly. But notice how it's allowing you to control the lowering Right. Of the bicep curl, and then as you come up, you use that resistance to strengthen your biceps lowering and your core is stabilizing you. So you feel it. So as you lower abs are tight, you're controlling it. This is stabilizing just like with the reformer, but now you're just attaching it to the feet instead of to springs. Wow. What are some of your other favorite exercises? So, another one you can work on the abs. So say we are to grab around our waist, kind of hugging yourself. Okay. Okay? So now you have that resistance that's going to allow you to do a roll down, just like in Pilates with perform, you're going to roll your spine, tuck your low back towards the floor, roll that spine down, lengthen the legs as you go down. Good, then tuck the chin. And you're gonna tighten those abs. Roll from the upper body. Good. All the way up. Wow. Nice. Now what if Pilates always about? Well, Pilates is about control. So you have a resistance, and you want to move slowly through it. So you're walking all your stability muscles. And I'm not an expert, but I can feel this just like when I take Pilates classes and it's easy for anybody to do. This would be really great when you travel and you can't necessarily have the luxury of going to a Pilates studio. Absolutely, absolutely. It's small, it's lightweight, you can throw it in your gym bag if you wanted to. I could give it to clients and they could practice this on their own when they travel. Like which is amazing 'cause you can do it. Now, another I really love works the obliques. I want to show you this one because you'll love it. Okay. Okay. So your hands are going to be together, elbows are going to be up nice and tall. Now, watch what I do. I'm gonna lean back. I'm gonna drop my elbow. Okay. And I'm gonna come up as if I were rowing a boat. Wow. Right. How many of those do you usually do? So dropping down I'll try to get about ten on each side. And you want to scoop. You kind of want to keep those abs tight. Good. And notice, you're going far down, but imagine you didn't have that resistance of the band to help you come back up Wow. Right. You'd be on your back, right? So this is a great way just to mimic that movement that you get on on the reformer. The reformer gives you that support, gives you that stability, but then it also gives you that assistance to come up and you have to control it. Wow. Just a wonderful piece of equipment. What I like about this kit is it comes with an instructional dvd. Yes, it does. It kind of teaches you every step of way, it's great for all fitness levels, right? Absolutely, and it gives you three different kinds of the workout. So you could do your core, you could do your upper body or lower body, 15 minutes a day or 45 minutes a day. And then you learn the exercises, and then you do them on your own. And I can't get over how small this really this I know! I just folded it up. It's smaller than a jump rope. It's very, very convenient. Well all of the products that we feature are ones that we love and really do use and when you purchase this Gaiam Reformer kit, you're also going to get free shipping. So and I thank you so much for being here with us. You're welcome. Thank you. And thank you so much for watching PopSugar Shop. I'm Brandi and we'll see you next time.

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