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PopSugar Shop: Prana Sabin Chakara Top

Looking For the Perfect Workout Top? Check Out This Prana Racerback!

Our FitSugar team loves this Prana racerback top because it's made from thick moisture-wicking fabric, has a supportive internal shelf bra, and gives you the support you need in a form-flattering style! For a limited time only, all Prana items are 40 percent off exclusively for PopSugar shoppers!

(Note: Video mentions this shirt is water-resistant but it is actually made of moisture-wicking fabric.)

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Our FitSugar team loves these Prana racerback tops because they're made with a thick water resistant fabric, have an internal shelf bra, and give you the support you need in a form flattering style. We're both wearing the Sabin shopper top, and our FitSugar host is wearing it in deep blue, I'm wearing it in coral. So, what do you love about these tops? Well I love the fabric first of all, because it's nice and snug but not too restrictive, not too tight, and it has that internal bra so I don't have to wear a sports bra underneath it and it doesn't restrict me, you know how some of those internal bra's like tighten on your rib cage. This allows me to breathe, so one of my favorite things about this top. So what kind of work outs do you like to do? Basically anything from Bikram yoga to strength training. Bikram, you're upside down, you're not worried about your top 'cause it fits nicely and you're sweating, you know, like crazy, so it's nice and absorbable and absorbs that moisture really well. And it doesn't weigh you down. It doesn't way you down, exactly. Just like strength training also. Like I was talking about, it really allows you to move. If I'm working on some exercises above head, I'm not worried about my top coming up. If I'm twisting Right. You know, it's not affecting my workout. I'm just totally focused on what I'm doing. I know that this company Prana is known for using really environmentally conscious material. Definitely. I really love this stretch in this fabric. It's like no other, so what is it made out of? I know. The fabric is 88% supplex. So it's light cotton but its more breathable and it has that better flexibility with the 12% lycra. So that lycra in there gives it that stretch and that flexibility which is the best. Well I love the colors, it looks great on you but I also love this detailing, this little rouging right here is so cute and fun. Yeah. Right? And everyone loves a racer back. Yes. The racer back. So it gives you the support you need while also being formfitting. And you don't have to worry about it moving. That's the biggest complaint women get is when they're working out, they have to worry about all sorts of things happening. Yeah. It's supportive and it just feels good. And of course you look good too right? Comfortable and cute, you can't get any better than that. Well, these tops come in deep blue, like the one that Anna's wearing, the coral that I'm wearing, black and white. It's available at and just for being a PopSugar shopper you get 40% off on the all Prana items you just have to type in Prana2012 when you check out. So, Anna, thank you so much for. Yeah, enjoy your soccer top. Thank you, I feel great. And thanks so much for watching. I'm Brandi and we'll see you next time on PopSugar Shop.

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