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Portion Control: It's All in Your Hands

Portion Control: It's All in Your Hands

We all know that portion control is the key to healthy eating as well as losing and maintaining weight. When you are about to bite into a nice chunk of cheese, it is hard to recall just exactly how big four dice actually are. Four dice is about the equivalent oh a portion of cheese, but who keeps dice in their pockets?

According to Jennifer Nelson, director of clinical dietetics at the Mayo Clinic, all you really need as a portion serving cheat sheet is your hands, fingers and thumbs.

To see how Nelson told Men's Health how hands can guide you through the jungle of portion control, just read more.

  • Two fingers = 1 serving of cheese
  • Open palm = 1 serving of meat
  • Closed fist = 1 serving of fruit or vegetables
  • Cupped hand = 1 serving of cereal or grain
  • Tip of thumb = 1 serving of margarine, oil, or salad dressing
  • Thumb = 1 serving of candy


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