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Post Pregnancy Baby Weight: Reality Check

I have been posting about celeb moms and their slim down secrets. It is interesting to get a glimpse into the celebrity world, especially if you have dealt with working off the pounds that accompanied your nine month journey to motherhood. I do, however, want to provide a little reality check: these women have resources that regular, normal, non-celeb moms do not. I am talking about nannies, personal chefs, personal trainers as well as a lot of external pressure to "tighten up."

It is not a good idea to go on a severely calorie restricted diet, especially if the new mom is breastfeeding. Cutting back on calories means the loss of significant nutrients for the mother and the baby. For some women, breastfeeding actually can help take off some baby weight. A lactating mom needs at least 1800 – 2000 calories a day. Plus cutting back on food can make a new, sleep deprived mom cranky, and cranky is not what you want to be when facing the unique challenges of tending to a newborn.

Exercise, on the other hand is highly recommended. Not only will it help new moms lose weight, it can help ward off postpartum depression. It is key to remember that exercise should make you feel better not worse, and it always a good idea to check with your OB before beginning a postpartum exercise program, especially if you had a difficult pregnancy, delivery, or a C-section. I highly recommend walking, as a way to begin exercising it is enjoyable for both you and the baby. Get out and go for a stroll.

Fit’s tip: After taking time off from vigorous exercise for nine months, it will take you some time to get back to your pre-pregnancy level of fitness. Start with the level of exercise you did in your third trimester and work you way back, adding elements from your second trimester, and so on. Good Luck!

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